I make art from a home-made press.  I built it from lumber and steel angle iron around a 6-ton hydrolic hand jack like the kind you use to change a tire on your car.  It forms a flatbed press like that used by Gutenberg.  (Of course he had to use more muscle because he didn't have the car jack.)  I use this press to create traditional woodblock and linocut limited-edition relief prints in a realistic style.  My black-and-white prints resemble fine pen-and-ink drawings.
Charles in Studio with Mockingbird Blocks
Mockingbird Black Block Partially Carved I print in the traditional European style that uses high-quality, archival oil-based inks on 100% cotton rag paper like that used 500 years ago.  No trees were used to make this paper.  The paper is acid-free and pH neutral.  So these prints too, should be able to last hundreds of years if you and your children's children take good care of them.

I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do.


Charles F. Mann